Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Maybelline Push Up Drama Mascara Review

I've been watching a few You Tubers and was hearing so much good stuff about this mascara so obviously I had to buy it and give it ago.
And wow I'm so glad I did, it is amazing I used two applications and my lashes look great so full and long. 
The brush has cupped shaped bristles that give the thick push up dramatic lash effect. 
It's an intense black that makes your lashes look thick voluminous and full.
This is just two applications no fake lashes just my own, I have to say this has to be the best mascara Maybelline have brought out yet and I have a lot of mascara's this one will definitely give you the dramatic fake lash effect I would definitely recommend.

If you are going to purchase this product it is on offer in all Maybelline products are buy one get one half price I will put link in as soon as the website is back up so until then .......
take care my lovelies any questions please leave a comment
Toni X 

Saturday, 23 January 2016

My YouTube Channel Is Near

So this morning my softbox lighting turned up I have to say I'm so excited. I can not wait to get my YouTube channel up and running.

I just need to go to ikea to get my dressing table mirror and chair then I can get started with beauty and fashion hauls makeup tutorials and my weight loss.
My channel will be just a day in the life of me with some vlogs along the way.
This is something I've wanted to do for a very long time and with me training in beauty I just can't wait to take you all on my journey with me.

Have a lovely Saturday beauties 

Toni X 

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The Estee Lauder Doublewear Foundation Review

I am so in love with the Estee Lauder Doublewear foundation I brought mine in the shade Pale Almond. The coverage is amazing it doesn't feel heavy on the skin but gives great long wearing coverage im so happy with it I will defiantly be using it on the long days I need a good make up look to last.
The consistency isn't thick works perfect with a brush or beauty blender and I was having to look twice to make sure I had blended it because it went on so smoothly. I can not big this foundation up enough if you haven't tried it really is worth the money.
With it 15 hour staying power and Spf10 it really is the perfect long lasting hardwearing foundation.
What can I say about the Bronze Goddess I have wanted this for ages and I knew I would love it, I brought min in th shade medium because I do like smooth bronzed glow and this is perfect for that it such a lovely texture but then I knew it would be another thumbs up from me loving Estee Lauder.
For my lips I used my new Clinique lip liner in the shade intense café with my Diego Dalla Palma Nude lipstick and they go perfectly together.
Thanks for popping by and take care my lovelies
Toni X


Bicester Village Shopping Trip

   Bicester Village well what a day, we was planning on going in March but us being us decided last minute to go Sunday lol so random but hey why not you only live once.
    Our day started at 5.30am I need to set my alarm early so I can function properly, so half 7 I left to pick up the bestie to my horror was ready haha we set off on our journey to Oxford.
It was beautiful drive everything was white and untouched with snow so calming and tranquil which was a shock as there was no snow where we live lol.
   Once we was there we had a walk round to see what was about and oh my gosh the shops I was in heaven.
 Celine Jimmy Choo, Karen Millen, Jack Wills, Superdry, Michael Kors, Marc Jacob, Prada, Gucci, Ralph Lauren and so many more I was in my element.
we first window shopped then went up one side and came down the other only because we couldn't miss one shop lol.
   My first purchase was in Karen Millen I had been looking for some leather gloves for a while now and I found some beautiful Oxblood ones not only were they on sale but they also had an extra 20% off.........I no I was ecstatic then at the counter the sale jewellery had also further 50% off and I had spotted a stunning diamante gold and silver pair of heart shaped bracelets so yep I got them too.
   Then my next purchase was some Ugg boots I originally wanted some grey or navy blue classic mid calf boots but when I saw these they had me.
I haven't seen this style around much and half price which is always a thumbs up lol, they are black suede and part soft leather with two buckles on the side and fit like a dream.
luckily they were the last pair and in my size which again just says its fate that these beauties had to come home with me and so they did nearly didn't though as I left them in Superdry eeekkk lol.

   After venturing in the Jack Wills shop which I have to say now JW and Superdry are my all time favourite shops being a slight tom boy they are very me.
I had wanted some JW leggings for a while but the closest shop to us is Cambridge so I was delighted there was one here and again must be fate the last size 10 pair there so in my basket those bad boys went I also got a pair of jeans a pair of trackie bottoms and phone case, so after having to go back 3 times due to security tags being left on we was getting peckish so went into the farm shop restaurant.
I chose on the chicken salad sandwich even thou I wanted beef I just cant eat that anymore ggrrrr but I have say it was lush the sourdough bread was amazing.

   Donna started off with Olives and bread, she does love her olives me personally do not YUCK lol.
 We then had been refuelled and was ready to hit the other shops next we went into Michael Kors where Donna brought the most stunning bag in a blush rose colour where she walked round the shop with it on her shoulder lol.
   We did go in Superdry and there prices were amazing but oh why oh why do they cram so much stuff in such a small shop, I'm glad I didn't have a buggy I'd never of got round it was packed and I got rather frustrated with how rude most of the people were so we both walked out, to which I left my Ugg bag but thankfully a shop assistant found it and I got it back PHEWWW !!!!

   The Cosmetics Company had to of been the shop I was most looking forward to but alas I was disappointed in the Mac Bobbi Brown and Smashbox section but over the moon I got my Estee Lauder double wear foundation and the Bronze Goddess, I also got some Clinique, I was after the chubby stick bronzer and I got it also got a chubby stick eye pencil in gold its lush.
   So pleased I got my Calvin Klein underwear been after it for ages then just as we was leaving we popped into Ted Baker which was packed but managed to get this beauty.

   So chuffed with it, with it's amazing rose gold accessories in the patent leather and cream flap, it's a perfect size for everyday and it's a cross body bag so all in all its perfect and more then half price woohoo. 
   Saved the best till last Ralph Lauren I got the Mr two t-shirts and one for me but the ark de triumph was the oxblood suede loafers reduced to £25 yes I no and they are so comfy and go lovely with my Michael Kors sunglasses.
   I kid you not this place is amazing can't wait to save up again for trip number two lol Bicester Village gets a big thumbs up from us.

Take care my lovelies 

Toni X 


Wednesday, 13 January 2016

My Online Orders Are Here.............Lush Cosmetics Haul !!

 Hey my lovelies I hope your week so far is going well.
I have received my online orders from after Christmas and im so excited, I expected them to take a while with all the sale orders they would have so it wasn't a problem.
   So firstly my LUSH order came a huge box obviously I got straight in lol, I ordered a few things in the sale some more snow fairy gift boxes one of them being the snow fairy castle, I am so glad I got this it is amazing and the little Snow Fairy.
I also purchased some more Bath bombs of course I had to get Twilight just because I'm a Twilight nut, I also got Frozen I saw a video on Instagram of this in the bath and it looks so fab, and lastly The Experimenter.
If you want to check out all of these pop over to LUSH there are snippets of how they are in the bath. 

This is the little Snow Fairy gift box inside it has a 100g snow fairy and some pink fun stuff to mould and play with whilst having shower or bath usage perfect.
Inside the Snow Fairy Castle is again 100g of snow fairy plus 100g of fairy dust dusting powder which is also just as nice, a bath bomb called So White and the reusable Magic Wand smells amazing and is covered in glitter, so check your face after handling especially if your going out lol trust me I didn't.
I haven't yet tried these, I mean of course I've used the snow fairy which is amazing but all the other goodies I've not yet tried so looking forward to bath time lol.
I am loving how my Lush collection is coming it makes my bedroom smell so nice.
Yes yes I do have a slight pink problem lol I did warn you
don't go far as I have a Freedom Make up haul as well and its a good one
Take care my lovelies
Toni X


Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Lush Cosmetics & Homedics ...........Yay or Nah !!

 Good morning my lovelies I hope you are all well and had an amazing weekend, mine was pretty chilled tbh just sorting out bits to get my YouTube channel up and running eeekkk.
I'm getting slightly impatient now though I just want to start filming lol. Also was shopping Saturday with my daughter which I blogged Sunday I just caught up on some YouTube videos and blogs also posted a few bit on Insta but that's about it for my oh so exciting life lol.

   Then It's Monday and I am feeling good and all refreshed from my pamper morning yesterday which I love to do on a Sunday when the kids are out playing and I'm home alone, so what perfect chance to try out some of my Lush goodies especially as I was dying to try the H'SUAN WEN HUA hair treatment.
   I got all my bits and pieces together turn on the shower waited for it to warm up and climbed in, ohh that feeling you just cant beat it.
You apply the product to dry hair and as I said half a tub, which is absolutely fine because this stuff is amazing, The tub says It's packed with everything to put the condition and shine back into your hair, woohoo can not wait, I decided to exfoliate whilst waiting the twenty mins to which gave the Buche De Noel and go with my Homedics Elle Macpherson wet and dry face & body exfoliation brush, my most amazing purchase of 2016 so far it has two large heads and two small I did try the brush but it had a funny smell when wet lol I haven't used the pumi one yet but I love the loather pad and the facial brush and its on sale £19.99 get one I so recommend it and is defiantly getting a big YAY from me !!!

   So back to the Face cleanser, on the tub it says "treat yourself to a deliciously fruity, boozy concoction to nourish and cleanse the skin. Yule be glad you did"
And I was so glad I did this concoction smells oaty which we all no is fab for the skin but also with what looks like cranberries in it.
It is amazing my skin felt soft and toned it also looked so clear I was so shocked by the results and I am now gutted I didn't get more, it made my skin so smooth that when I applied my make up it went on perfectly flawless to the point I put up a non filtered non edited selfie.
I will defiantly be stocking up next year on that bad boy wow it is getting a big YAY thumbs up all round.
   I rinsed off my hair shampooed and conditioned it OH MY GOSH it felt like silk, I kid you not its a miracle in a tub.
Give me a big hands up to Lush and flick your hair till the cows come home coz im telling ya that exactly what you'll want to do, it'll be like a L'Oreal ad lol and trust me you so worth this little tub of joy.

So Sunday was a good day for chilling pampering and restoring with three YAY's and no NAH's now I am all ready for a Manic Monday lol.

Take care lovelies

Toni X


Saturday, 9 January 2016

Some Saturday Shopping........Like You Do

  Today I took my princess shopping to spend her birthday money today, so we first off went into Primark like you do.
Of course I couldn't go into there without picking up a few bits for myself as well lol. 
   At the moment I am absolutely loving jumper dresses and I found a stunning one today, oxblood my 3rd favourite colour after pink and rose gold.
It was in the sale £5 what a bargain. Then we had to pick up some jewellery for my daughters bestie and they had some lovely bits in the sale so yes that's right in the basket they go.
   But my Best Buy of today is the boots can we take a few minutes to look at the boots..........I have been looking for these for months and low and behold the last pair in a 4 woohoo in the basket these bad boys went lol, and just like every time I'm in there queuing at the tills there's always something that catches my eye ....I swear every bloody time but this time it had to be brought it was rose gold and practical lol.
   Then we went into LUSH yes I no I'm obsessed lol but this time it was my princess who wanted to go it just so happened that they have brought back the Unicorn Horn (just a bit excited) so of course I had to pick up one along with lots of other bits she picked. 
  Sorry but I needed a close up of these beauties oh I cant explain how happy I am that I found them. 
There's so many outfits for these skirts dressed skinny jeans they go with absolutely everything.

So this was my Saturday I hope yours has been amazing.

Take care lovelies 

Toni X 


Friday, 8 January 2016

Another Thrilling Day In The Life Of Me......

   So my day started with me in the dr's once again but I won't bore you with it just got more antibiotics and bed rest .......sick of it now oh the joys.
It's not been all bad thanks to Netflix so I decided to go back a few years and watch Buffy the vampire slayer.
Yes I confess I'm a Buffy and Angel addict don't hold it against me lol. Whilst chilling and eating my melon drinking lots of water I decided to chose my next tattoo.
I got one last year on my birthday so I was thinking time for another.
  Roses one each for my babies just not sure I want it on my lower arm or upper arm but I have time to think lol. After that boredom kicked in.
So what does a beauty addict do when there bored ? Yep they play with there Christmas presents lol and I painted my nails, I got a stunning set from French Connection lovely nude colours so I thought I'd brighten up my day by brightening up my nails, it's the little things that keep you going when your housebound, I just hope the cabin fever doesn't kick in lol.
   Stunning and a lovely texture the brush is great I found it really easy to apply, and I do love fresh new manicure. 
   Then after checking my emails I came across one from Lasula Boutique something that oh my gosh it's lovely, I mean don't get me wrong I don't need another jacket but when I find something that I keep going back to I no I'll be miserable until I get it lol and it is stunning plus if you use the discount code you get 24% off 
It's just perfect it's like my two ideal costs made into one part bomber part parka.
I can not wait to get this Lasula Boutique is one of my all time favourite fashion web sites i have brought my Christmas jumpers and pjs from there three years in a row.
The derive is great the items are great and the delivery is to I can not fault the service I've had over the years.
This is last weeks purchase the outfit I wore today and I'm so glad I got it the faux fur collar is so soft and the jacket is very much like a flying jacket. With an added bonus of 30% off seriously always keep an eye out for there codes there awesome.

   So as It goes this was my day in a nutshell housebound poorly but productive as always and I still manage to complete the housework and get on top of the washing go figure lol.
Well I hope you all have a great weekend whatever you might be doing.

Take care lovelies 

Toni X 


Thursday, 7 January 2016

The Craziest Beauty Haul Ever !!!

    So here I am as promised an upclose and personnel insight to the madness that was yesterday, its going to be a big one bare with me lol.

   First off I will start with the LUSH products that I purchased all apart from the hair treatment was 50% off.
Ohh what can I say such beauty so I will start with SnowFairy shower gel smells like candyfloss and has a slight shimmer to it I love it and was even luckier to get it half price woohoo bargain I'll have three. Then there's the HoneyBee bath bomb I haven't tried this one yet and from the smell of it I can not wait as it says it takes the sting out, sounds good to me, and now for the hair products I picked up this jasmine smelling beauty Godiva naked goodness can't wait to try this its a shampoo and conditioner I'm really excited to see how it works.
Last but certainly not least the whole reason I went into the blooming shop lol for my hair treatment I had first seen this on LoveLaughAndMakeup YouTube channel Love her.
Just don't go in and try and ask for this stuff especially if you a bit flustered. This little tub of creaminess is to condition your hair and bring the shine back , you apply it to dry hair and lots of it this slightly worries me as I have mid back length hair and quite thick to I think I'll get two washes out of one tub eeek could be expensive lol. I'm trying it out tonight so I will update in my next post with what I think.
   Now this was a good shop I decided to pop into Primark while I was waiting for my daughters cookie cake and most of this was £1.00 apart from the lipsticks it was all on sale.
I've yet to try any of these products but if anyone would like a review on any of them please feel free to leave a comment.
The eye shadows are so gorgeous and shimmery I really can't wait to do a makeup with them and the illuminate skin brightening cream you can wear on its own or under your foundation for a dewy look that'll last all day, and the liquid glow wow I can not wait to contour with this bad boy and highlight the brow bone and cheeks.
  I love trying new products and new makeup looks I'm so excited about everything I brought I'm very eager to go and play lol. The lip sticks are obviously matte as I've said before I'm slightly obsessed and this nude pink is stunning I do have a deep red but its in my bag hehe.

Here they are the little beauties I posted yesterday in all there glory, 5 beautiful matte lipsticks by MUA the link for these is on yesterdays post, I'm really loving the deep reds at the moment I've always worn nudes but I'm just starting to come out of my comfort zone and try some new things, I also grabbed some other products from MUA I have a sheer translucent powder but I wanted a matt one on days of oily skin urghhh.
I also picked up the Undress Your Skin under eye concealer in the Luminous which I love to brighten up my under eye and this works perfectly, I do have a few products that I will always use and always go back to and this is one of those products.
   There was so many offers on in Superdrug 342 and Maybelline was 2 for £10 so I got some new products and some classic products the new Matte eyeliner is amazing I used it this morning the brush is perfect and it's stayed on all day with the help of the other new product I brought the 24 hour fixing spray, well what can say about this it's AMAZING !!
   Then I needed to replace my Eraser anti aging under eye concealer so of course as I had three products and it was on offer I had to yes I had to find another one lol, so I chose the 24 hour gel liner with two ended applicator another classic I love using.
   And yes I've saved the best for last as I'd seen this all over YouTube and was dying to try it, I have tried to find a link to this but its not on the Superdrug website for some strange reason, but trust me pop into your local store and purchase one it is stunning.

   Well that's my huge haul I hope I've inspired you to try some new products that are on the market at the moment happy hunting and have fun after all that's what makeup is about having fun.

Have a lovely evening and take care

Toni X


Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Sales Sales Sales..........Give me Strength

Good afternoon my lovelies ...
   As far as days go today has been a productive one its my daughters birthday tomorrow so just like every year I am off to town to get the annual cookie cake from Millie's Cookies.
   Easy I hear you say !! Sounds nice I also hear you say !! if only it was that simple.

 It may not look like a lot but trust me these bags are full of beauty products my arms are still aching from carrying them, 
I am completely blaming my partner in crime Miss McKean who is at present poorly so alas I had to endure my own inner demon instead of her saying "but do you really need it" or "you already have 5 of those" PS. get better soon beautiful I need my shopping partner back asap lol.
   So as I parked my car in the shopping centres car park one of the first shops you come to is LUSH which is just silly as I've just ordered some bits off line but no that didn't stop me oh no I still had to go in and buy more Snow Fairy, I mean seriously I have no self control and ended up getting more bits, granted I've wanted to try there hair mask for a while so yeah go on Tone chuck it in the basket and while your at it get a few bath bombs as well, in my defence it was all 50% off

   So I left there and then you come to Superdrug which I have to say we usually leave till last but oh no not me on my own I do it now aarrrggghhh GIVE ME STRENGTH.
There's offers and sales and more offers so of course it would be rude to not take full advantage of bogof or 342, I am what is known as a consumers dream I might get hypnotherapy, but again I might not lol and I have been wanting to try these items for ages so again I purchased them eyeliners lipsticks foundations and concealers and I can hear my inner McKean voice telling me.....

"no Toni you don't need any more concealers put it back and step away from the make up asile"

but it doesn't stop its like I was possessed telling my self its on offer ohh look its new
Can you see where this is going.......yep me too give me strength.

   Then I realised I still had 15 mins to kill before the cookie was ready so ohh well hello there Primark ......no no no I should never of entered even thou this wasn't a "im only going in for socks" but buying the whole contents of the shop kinda day and even thou I only walked out with a DOUBLE BAGGED medium size bag I was impressed with what I got.
   I picked up a white Tee no biggy it was only £4 then I think I brought all there make up yes this where it all went downhill.
 I do check primark all the time as I herd they have new metallic makeup brush range so can not wait to get that in our store, but instead I started picking products and I have to say there beauty range is so good, a lot of there stuff was half price so you can imagine how much I got ha ha

Im not going to show what I got on this blog post I need to sort it all out and  figure out how I am going to get it all upstairs haha but I do have a little sneak peak at a few bits I got .
                                                              MUA Matte LIpstick 

   These are so creamy and luscious especially for a matte lipstick.
 I couldn't decide on what colours to get so I got my favourite 5 lol these tend to be my safety colours that I always use and seriously for £1.00 there such a bargain and well worth it tbh I was actually shocked and im not going to lie I considered getting them all haha.
   So that was a summery of my day when all I really went out for was birthday cards and cake but this you will get used too my life is pretty random but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Till next time my lovelies take care and good evening

Toni X

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

A Few Goodies Mr Postman Brought Me

  Sitting in my kitchen with my bestie having our weekly catch up and coffee, my door bell rings but rings twice its a package hhmmmmm we noticed that delivery men always seem to ring the door bell twice ??? .....strange.
I mean why is that ? don't get me wrong when I hear the ringing twice I get rather excited lol woohoo my online shopping is here haha.

   But today these sneaky bad boys came through the letter box, it put me right off as I've been eagerly waiting for some shopping I've done online that's not yet arrived (I'm getting slightly inpatient) I need my orders plzzzzzz.
   But I'm loving these little beauties compacted in a gold tube so they'll go perfectly in my bag.
You can find these on Amazon and a very good price.
My next item was a eBay find half false lashes 5 pairs for £2.99 there brand is vivi collection looking forward to trying them out 
Thanks for stopping by have a lovely evening. 

Take care lovelies

Toni x


When you cant sleep ........Online shop

Hey my lovelies

Blog post no.2 already ....check me the eager beaver lol but honestly the first blog was about me this is also about me but way more interesting haha.

   So the munchkin's are back at school and this was the moment I'd been dreading after having a  rough Christmas with my ibs and not being able to get out much I also lost my routine somewhere between Christmas eve and today urggghhh yep reality hit me hard this morning. But its ok I can deal because knowing that online shops are open 24 hours 7 days a week is the best feeling when you laying in bed at 2am wide awake knowing your alarm is going off in a few hours.

   I visited a few websites last night one I always use forever21 which if you haven't been over then seriously go, there SALE is amazing. so I was browsing not knowing at all that I was going to purchase something but then........I found this beauty its not in the sale but seriously its only £21.00
                                                         Faux Searling Bomber Jacket

   Purchase no.1 lol not only do I love the the style of this jacket but I love the faux shearling collar which is also detachable and a bonus two looks in one coat.
I brought this in a size 12 I like a bit of room in my jackets you never no what the British weather is going to do and grabbing a jumper will probably be on the cards, the jacket also comes in Cocoa Taupe and the one I chose Rose.
   I do fear this year you'll be seeing a lot of Rose, Pinks and Rose Gold I have a slight obsession with them so please be prepared to be bombarded with rose gold posts.
   The outfit possibilities running through my mind right now are endless I can see my self wearing this with boyfriend jeans my Adidas Superstars and a white Tee or black ankle grazers cream roll neck chunky jumper and ankle boots with a crossbody bag.

   Once I had gone through the whole of Forever21 I thought I would go check out a new website to me but have seen posts and blogs mentioning Bershka so I smooch over to took a look...........Oh my days I am so glad I did, not only is there sale amazing 50% off yes I kid you not, but the clothing is so my style I honestly don't think there was one item on there I didn't like .........yes believe me I only got a couple of hours sleep lol.

  I have yet to purchase anything but I do have a wish list which I am sure will soon turn into my please complete at checkout wish list lol, but here are a couple of sneak peaks at what is in my wish list.
                                                       Text Print Sweatshirt Sale £7.99
   See I did warn you can you see the theme going on here but I will tell you all now PINK is my all time favourite colour so there may be the odd post chatting pink lol, but seriously Bershka has a 50% off sale on go check it out.

                                                           Black open side Top £12.99

  Now this off the shoulder open side top I absolutely really really need no I am not joking I need .......or maybe I would like it lol.
Just one small dilemma I am only 5ft will this make me look shorter or will the long black sleek shape put a few inches on my height hhmmmmmm, there's only one thing for it I have to order to try I mean isn't that way we have returns departments lol but if I don't order it I will always go back and wonder and that is not a good dilemma for me to have.

   So after some great finds and a very productive night I finally felt content and fell to sleep to then be woken up to what felt like 5 minutes later by my alarm oohhhh the joys lol.

I hope you all have a lovely day whatever you maybe doing

Take Care Lovelies

Toni x


This is just me .......

Hi my lovelies

    I'm new to blogging so go easy on me lol, I am a mother of three beautiful munchkins starting a new career path in something I am very passionate about.......Make Up, beauty and Fashion.

    I love that we have come so far in the fashion and the beauty industry and now instead of following trends we can be ourselves add our own flair and touches that makes us unique.
As much as the stores all carry the same clothing accessories etc.. that we all purchase we make it our own with our personnel touches.
  So here goes this is my blog my journey through my life of things I love and things I hate, sharing my experiences and adventures with you all and hoping to inspire and motivate people I am a strong believer in a positive mind gives you a positive life anything that lifts you up and makes you smile is always good with me.

   I'm 37 and I have struggled with my weight since having my babies, trust me 3 C Sections has taken its toll on me lol but would do it all again lol. I have over the past 4 to 5 years lost over 5 stone and am still going, I have another 2 stone to lose and I will be happy with that......hopefully lol.

   So not only will my weight loss be part of my journey but so will me going to college to study beauty in London, slightly nervous about the big steps I am taking but when 2016 hit I had to decide what I wanted to do with my life, we all want the same don't we  big house maybe a walk in wardrobe nice car in the drive the kids have everything they want they are doing well in school hubbys business is thriving just a happy content life....well its my dream and im perfectly fine with it staying a dream, I love my dreams I love being able to daydream off to another place for few minutes until reality slaps me back of course lol I also decided to start a YouTube channel to there's so many exciting things to come in 2016 and I cant wait.
  Being a chronic IBS suffer I had to rethink my current situation to something that wasn't so strenuous as I was refurbishing old furniture before but unfortunately that has had to take a back seat as a hobby as I am just not capable of doing it as an everyday profession.

   Anyway enough of the boring stuff back to the exciting bits.There is lots of ways to stay up to date with my journey and they are all linked on here so please feel free to follow my Twitter, Instagram and when its up and live my YouTube channel too eeekkk...........Exciting stuff ey

So ill say bye for now but stay tuned for my next blog post peeps .....

take care lovelies

Toni x

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