Friday 8 January 2016

Another Thrilling Day In The Life Of Me......

   So my day started with me in the dr's once again but I won't bore you with it just got more antibiotics and bed rest .......sick of it now oh the joys.
It's not been all bad thanks to Netflix so I decided to go back a few years and watch Buffy the vampire slayer.
Yes I confess I'm a Buffy and Angel addict don't hold it against me lol. Whilst chilling and eating my melon drinking lots of water I decided to chose my next tattoo.
I got one last year on my birthday so I was thinking time for another.
  Roses one each for my babies just not sure I want it on my lower arm or upper arm but I have time to think lol. After that boredom kicked in.
So what does a beauty addict do when there bored ? Yep they play with there Christmas presents lol and I painted my nails, I got a stunning set from French Connection lovely nude colours so I thought I'd brighten up my day by brightening up my nails, it's the little things that keep you going when your housebound, I just hope the cabin fever doesn't kick in lol.
   Stunning and a lovely texture the brush is great I found it really easy to apply, and I do love fresh new manicure. 
   Then after checking my emails I came across one from Lasula Boutique something that oh my gosh it's lovely, I mean don't get me wrong I don't need another jacket but when I find something that I keep going back to I no I'll be miserable until I get it lol and it is stunning plus if you use the discount code you get 24% off 
It's just perfect it's like my two ideal costs made into one part bomber part parka.
I can not wait to get this Lasula Boutique is one of my all time favourite fashion web sites i have brought my Christmas jumpers and pjs from there three years in a row.
The derive is great the items are great and the delivery is to I can not fault the service I've had over the years.
This is last weeks purchase the outfit I wore today and I'm so glad I got it the faux fur collar is so soft and the jacket is very much like a flying jacket. With an added bonus of 30% off seriously always keep an eye out for there codes there awesome.

   So as It goes this was my day in a nutshell housebound poorly but productive as always and I still manage to complete the housework and get on top of the washing go figure lol.
Well I hope you all have a great weekend whatever you might be doing.

Take care lovelies 

Toni X 


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