Tuesday 5 January 2016

This is just me .......

Hi my lovelies

    I'm new to blogging so go easy on me lol, I am a mother of three beautiful munchkins starting a new career path in something I am very passionate about.......Make Up, beauty and Fashion.

    I love that we have come so far in the fashion and the beauty industry and now instead of following trends we can be ourselves add our own flair and touches that makes us unique.
As much as the stores all carry the same clothing accessories etc.. that we all purchase we make it our own with our personnel touches.
  So here goes this is my blog my journey through my life of things I love and things I hate, sharing my experiences and adventures with you all and hoping to inspire and motivate people I am a strong believer in a positive mind gives you a positive life anything that lifts you up and makes you smile is always good with me.

   I'm 37 and I have struggled with my weight since having my babies, trust me 3 C Sections has taken its toll on me lol but would do it all again lol. I have over the past 4 to 5 years lost over 5 stone and am still going, I have another 2 stone to lose and I will be happy with that......hopefully lol.

   So not only will my weight loss be part of my journey but so will me going to college to study beauty in London, slightly nervous about the big steps I am taking but when 2016 hit I had to decide what I wanted to do with my life, we all want the same don't we  big house maybe a walk in wardrobe nice car in the drive the kids have everything they want they are doing well in school hubbys business is thriving just a happy content life....well its my dream and im perfectly fine with it staying a dream, I love my dreams I love being able to daydream off to another place for few minutes until reality slaps me back of course lol I also decided to start a YouTube channel to there's so many exciting things to come in 2016 and I cant wait.
  Being a chronic IBS suffer I had to rethink my current situation to something that wasn't so strenuous as I was refurbishing old furniture before but unfortunately that has had to take a back seat as a hobby as I am just not capable of doing it as an everyday profession.

   Anyway enough of the boring stuff back to the exciting bits.There is lots of ways to stay up to date with my journey and they are all linked on here so please feel free to follow my Twitter, Instagram and when its up and live my YouTube channel too eeekkk...........Exciting stuff ey

So ill say bye for now but stay tuned for my next blog post peeps .....

take care lovelies

Toni x


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