Tuesday 12 January 2016

Lush Cosmetics & Homedics ...........Yay or Nah !!

 Good morning my lovelies I hope you are all well and had an amazing weekend, mine was pretty chilled tbh just sorting out bits to get my YouTube channel up and running eeekkk.
I'm getting slightly impatient now though I just want to start filming lol. Also was shopping Saturday with my daughter which I blogged Sunday I just caught up on some YouTube videos and blogs also posted a few bit on Insta but that's about it for my oh so exciting life lol.

   Then It's Monday and I am feeling good and all refreshed from my pamper morning yesterday which I love to do on a Sunday when the kids are out playing and I'm home alone, so what perfect chance to try out some of my Lush goodies especially as I was dying to try the H'SUAN WEN HUA hair treatment.
   I got all my bits and pieces together turn on the shower waited for it to warm up and climbed in, ohh that feeling you just cant beat it.
You apply the product to dry hair and as I said half a tub, which is absolutely fine because this stuff is amazing, The tub says It's packed with everything to put the condition and shine back into your hair, woohoo can not wait, I decided to exfoliate whilst waiting the twenty mins to which gave the Buche De Noel and go with my Homedics Elle Macpherson wet and dry face & body exfoliation brush, my most amazing purchase of 2016 so far it has two large heads and two small I did try the brush but it had a funny smell when wet lol I haven't used the pumi one yet but I love the loather pad and the facial brush and its on sale £19.99 get one I so recommend it and is defiantly getting a big YAY from me !!!

   So back to the Face cleanser, on the tub it says "treat yourself to a deliciously fruity, boozy concoction to nourish and cleanse the skin. Yule be glad you did"
And I was so glad I did this concoction smells oaty which we all no is fab for the skin but also with what looks like cranberries in it.
It is amazing my skin felt soft and toned it also looked so clear I was so shocked by the results and I am now gutted I didn't get more, it made my skin so smooth that when I applied my make up it went on perfectly flawless to the point I put up a non filtered non edited selfie.
I will defiantly be stocking up next year on that bad boy wow it is getting a big YAY thumbs up all round.
   I rinsed off my hair shampooed and conditioned it OH MY GOSH it felt like silk, I kid you not its a miracle in a tub.
Give me a big hands up to Lush and flick your hair till the cows come home coz im telling ya that exactly what you'll want to do, it'll be like a L'Oreal ad lol and trust me you so worth this little tub of joy.

So Sunday was a good day for chilling pampering and restoring with three YAY's and no NAH's now I am all ready for a Manic Monday lol.

Take care lovelies

Toni X


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