Tuesday 19 January 2016

Bicester Village Shopping Trip

   Bicester Village well what a day, we was planning on going in March but us being us decided last minute to go Sunday lol so random but hey why not you only live once.
    Our day started at 5.30am I need to set my alarm early so I can function properly, so half 7 I left to pick up the bestie to my horror was ready haha we set off on our journey to Oxford.
It was beautiful drive everything was white and untouched with snow so calming and tranquil which was a shock as there was no snow where we live lol.
   Once we was there we had a walk round to see what was about and oh my gosh the shops I was in heaven.
 Celine Jimmy Choo, Karen Millen, Jack Wills, Superdry, Michael Kors, Marc Jacob, Prada, Gucci, Ralph Lauren and so many more I was in my element.
we first window shopped then went up one side and came down the other only because we couldn't miss one shop lol.
   My first purchase was in Karen Millen I had been looking for some leather gloves for a while now and I found some beautiful Oxblood ones not only were they on sale but they also had an extra 20% off.........I no I was ecstatic then at the counter the sale jewellery had also further 50% off and I had spotted a stunning diamante gold and silver pair of heart shaped bracelets so yep I got them too.
   Then my next purchase was some Ugg boots I originally wanted some grey or navy blue classic mid calf boots but when I saw these they had me.
I haven't seen this style around much and half price which is always a thumbs up lol, they are black suede and part soft leather with two buckles on the side and fit like a dream.
luckily they were the last pair and in my size which again just says its fate that these beauties had to come home with me and so they did nearly didn't though as I left them in Superdry eeekkk lol.

   After venturing in the Jack Wills shop which I have to say now JW and Superdry are my all time favourite shops being a slight tom boy they are very me.
I had wanted some JW leggings for a while but the closest shop to us is Cambridge so I was delighted there was one here and again must be fate the last size 10 pair there so in my basket those bad boys went I also got a pair of jeans a pair of trackie bottoms and phone case, so after having to go back 3 times due to security tags being left on we was getting peckish so went into the farm shop restaurant.
I chose on the chicken salad sandwich even thou I wanted beef I just cant eat that anymore ggrrrr but I have say it was lush the sourdough bread was amazing.

   Donna started off with Olives and bread, she does love her olives me personally do not YUCK lol.
 We then had been refuelled and was ready to hit the other shops next we went into Michael Kors where Donna brought the most stunning bag in a blush rose colour where she walked round the shop with it on her shoulder lol.
   We did go in Superdry and there prices were amazing but oh why oh why do they cram so much stuff in such a small shop, I'm glad I didn't have a buggy I'd never of got round it was packed and I got rather frustrated with how rude most of the people were so we both walked out, to which I left my Ugg bag but thankfully a shop assistant found it and I got it back PHEWWW !!!!

   The Cosmetics Company had to of been the shop I was most looking forward to but alas I was disappointed in the Mac Bobbi Brown and Smashbox section but over the moon I got my Estee Lauder double wear foundation and the Bronze Goddess, I also got some Clinique, I was after the chubby stick bronzer and I got it also got a chubby stick eye pencil in gold its lush.
   So pleased I got my Calvin Klein underwear been after it for ages then just as we was leaving we popped into Ted Baker which was packed but managed to get this beauty.

   So chuffed with it, with it's amazing rose gold accessories in the patent leather and cream flap, it's a perfect size for everyday and it's a cross body bag so all in all its perfect and more then half price woohoo. 
   Saved the best till last Ralph Lauren I got the Mr two t-shirts and one for me but the ark de triumph was the oxblood suede loafers reduced to £25 yes I no and they are so comfy and go lovely with my Michael Kors sunglasses.
   I kid you not this place is amazing can't wait to save up again for trip number two lol Bicester Village gets a big thumbs up from us.

Take care my lovelies 

Toni X 


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