Tuesday 5 January 2016

When you cant sleep ........Online shop

Hey my lovelies

Blog post no.2 already ....check me the eager beaver lol but honestly the first blog was about me this is also about me but way more interesting haha.

   So the munchkin's are back at school and this was the moment I'd been dreading after having a  rough Christmas with my ibs and not being able to get out much I also lost my routine somewhere between Christmas eve and today urggghhh yep reality hit me hard this morning. But its ok I can deal because knowing that online shops are open 24 hours 7 days a week is the best feeling when you laying in bed at 2am wide awake knowing your alarm is going off in a few hours.

   I visited a few websites last night one I always use forever21 which if you haven't been over then seriously go, there SALE is amazing. so I was browsing not knowing at all that I was going to purchase something but then........I found this beauty its not in the sale but seriously its only £21.00
                                                         Faux Searling Bomber Jacket

   Purchase no.1 lol not only do I love the the style of this jacket but I love the faux shearling collar which is also detachable and a bonus two looks in one coat.
I brought this in a size 12 I like a bit of room in my jackets you never no what the British weather is going to do and grabbing a jumper will probably be on the cards, the jacket also comes in Cocoa Taupe and the one I chose Rose.
   I do fear this year you'll be seeing a lot of Rose, Pinks and Rose Gold I have a slight obsession with them so please be prepared to be bombarded with rose gold posts.
   The outfit possibilities running through my mind right now are endless I can see my self wearing this with boyfriend jeans my Adidas Superstars and a white Tee or black ankle grazers cream roll neck chunky jumper and ankle boots with a crossbody bag.

   Once I had gone through the whole of Forever21 I thought I would go check out a new website to me but have seen posts and blogs mentioning Bershka so I smooch over to took a look...........Oh my days I am so glad I did, not only is there sale amazing 50% off yes I kid you not, but the clothing is so my style I honestly don't think there was one item on there I didn't like .........yes believe me I only got a couple of hours sleep lol.

  I have yet to purchase anything but I do have a wish list which I am sure will soon turn into my please complete at checkout wish list lol, but here are a couple of sneak peaks at what is in my wish list.
                                                       Text Print Sweatshirt Sale £7.99
   See I did warn you can you see the theme going on here but I will tell you all now PINK is my all time favourite colour so there may be the odd post chatting pink lol, but seriously Bershka has a 50% off sale on go check it out.

                                                           Black open side Top £12.99

  Now this off the shoulder open side top I absolutely really really need no I am not joking I need .......or maybe I would like it lol.
Just one small dilemma I am only 5ft will this make me look shorter or will the long black sleek shape put a few inches on my height hhmmmmmm, there's only one thing for it I have to order to try I mean isn't that way we have returns departments lol but if I don't order it I will always go back and wonder and that is not a good dilemma for me to have.

   So after some great finds and a very productive night I finally felt content and fell to sleep to then be woken up to what felt like 5 minutes later by my alarm oohhhh the joys lol.

I hope you all have a lovely day whatever you maybe doing

Take Care Lovelies

Toni x



  1. Great find!
    I'll be heading over and taking a look
    Good luck on this amazing journey xx

    1. You will love it babe and thank you but your coming with me lol xx


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