Wednesday 6 January 2016

Sales Sales Sales..........Give me Strength

Good afternoon my lovelies ...
   As far as days go today has been a productive one its my daughters birthday tomorrow so just like every year I am off to town to get the annual cookie cake from Millie's Cookies.
   Easy I hear you say !! Sounds nice I also hear you say !! if only it was that simple.

 It may not look like a lot but trust me these bags are full of beauty products my arms are still aching from carrying them, 
I am completely blaming my partner in crime Miss McKean who is at present poorly so alas I had to endure my own inner demon instead of her saying "but do you really need it" or "you already have 5 of those" PS. get better soon beautiful I need my shopping partner back asap lol.
   So as I parked my car in the shopping centres car park one of the first shops you come to is LUSH which is just silly as I've just ordered some bits off line but no that didn't stop me oh no I still had to go in and buy more Snow Fairy, I mean seriously I have no self control and ended up getting more bits, granted I've wanted to try there hair mask for a while so yeah go on Tone chuck it in the basket and while your at it get a few bath bombs as well, in my defence it was all 50% off

   So I left there and then you come to Superdrug which I have to say we usually leave till last but oh no not me on my own I do it now aarrrggghhh GIVE ME STRENGTH.
There's offers and sales and more offers so of course it would be rude to not take full advantage of bogof or 342, I am what is known as a consumers dream I might get hypnotherapy, but again I might not lol and I have been wanting to try these items for ages so again I purchased them eyeliners lipsticks foundations and concealers and I can hear my inner McKean voice telling me.....

"no Toni you don't need any more concealers put it back and step away from the make up asile"

but it doesn't stop its like I was possessed telling my self its on offer ohh look its new
Can you see where this is going.......yep me too give me strength.

   Then I realised I still had 15 mins to kill before the cookie was ready so ohh well hello there Primark no no I should never of entered even thou this wasn't a "im only going in for socks" but buying the whole contents of the shop kinda day and even thou I only walked out with a DOUBLE BAGGED medium size bag I was impressed with what I got.
   I picked up a white Tee no biggy it was only £4 then I think I brought all there make up yes this where it all went downhill.
 I do check primark all the time as I herd they have new metallic makeup brush range so can not wait to get that in our store, but instead I started picking products and I have to say there beauty range is so good, a lot of there stuff was half price so you can imagine how much I got ha ha

Im not going to show what I got on this blog post I need to sort it all out and  figure out how I am going to get it all upstairs haha but I do have a little sneak peak at a few bits I got .
                                                              MUA Matte LIpstick 

   These are so creamy and luscious especially for a matte lipstick.
 I couldn't decide on what colours to get so I got my favourite 5 lol these tend to be my safety colours that I always use and seriously for £1.00 there such a bargain and well worth it tbh I was actually shocked and im not going to lie I considered getting them all haha.
   So that was a summery of my day when all I really went out for was birthday cards and cake but this you will get used too my life is pretty random but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Till next time my lovelies take care and good evening

Toni X

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